Fender Stratocaster & Jazzmaster
Guitar Manuals


We write the early sixties...

When you bought an electric guitar those day's, it wasn't just ...go and play.  No, you needed instructions how to use such a complicated piece of equipment.

Therefore an Instruction Manual accompanied Fender guitars. The manual explains what the controls and switches are for and how to properly adjust and handle the guitar.

The picture gallery shows the two original manuals of a 1962 Stratocaster and a 1965 Jazzmaster. The Strat manual even has its original string, used to attach the manual to the guitar. Unfortunately the Jazzmaster manual was perforated multiple times prior to storage.

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 Jazzmaster manual

Jazzmaster manual front  Jazzmaster manual page 1 Jazzmaster manual page 2  Jazzmaster manual page 3
Jazzmaster manual page 4 Jazzmaster manual page 5 Jazzmaster manual page 6  Jazzmaster manual page 7
Jazzmaster manual page 8 Jazzmaster manual page 9 Jazzmaster manual page 10 Jazzmaster manual back


Stratocaster manual

Stratocaster manual front  Stratocaster manual page 1 Stratocaster manual page 2 Stratocaster manual page 3
Stratocaster manual page 4 Stratocaster manual page 5 Stratocaster manual page 6 Stratocaster manual page 7
Stratocaster manual page 8 Stratocaster manual page 9 Stratocaster manual page 10 warranty registration card
  warranty registration card  Stratocaster manual  back   


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